How do you say “caraway seed” in Hindi?

Caraway seeds, with their aromatic and flavorful nature, have been a staple in many cuisines around the world. As we explore the translation of “caraway seed” into Hindi, we not only delve into language but also the cultural context of this versatile spice.

This article serves as your comprehensive guide, addressing various aspects related to the term “caraway seed” in Hindi.

How do you say “caraway seed” in Hindi?

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In Hindi, “caraway seed” is known as “शाही जीरा” (pronounced as “shahi jeera”). In Urdu, it’s called Shahi Zeera or just Zeera. The term “शाही जीरा” literally translates to “royal cumin,” reflecting its esteemed status in Indian cuisine. Shahi jeera’s distinctive flavor profile makes it a prized ingredient, enhancing dishes with its earthy and slightly sweet taste.

The Significance of Shahi Jeera in Indian Cuisine:

Shahi jeera holds a special place in Indian culinary traditions. It’s often used in spice blends and is a key component in various dishes, ranging from curries to rice preparations. Its warm and slightly nutty flavor elevates the taste of dishes, adding depth and complexity. Beyond its culinary uses, shahi jeera is also valued for its potential health benefits, including aiding digestion and promoting overall well-being.

What are the Culinary Uses of Shahi Jeera:

Shahi jeera’s versatility extends to its wide range of culinary applications. Here are some popular dishes and preparations where you’ll commonly find this spice:

  • Biryani: Shahi jeera is a common ingredient in biryani, a fragrant rice dish layered with rich flavors. Its addition enhances the overall aroma and taste of the dish.
  • Garam Masala: This quintessential Indian spice blend often includes shahi jeera, along with other spices. Garam masala is used to season a variety of savory dishes.
  • Curries: Many curries and gravies incorporate shahi jeera to infuse them with a distinct taste that balances the flavors of the dish.
  • Flatbreads: Some types of Indian flatbreads, such as naan and paratha, are prepared with shahi jeera to impart a delicate essence.

Shahi Jeera’s Cultural and Medicinal Significance:

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In addition to its culinary applications, shahi jeera has historical significance in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. It’s believed to have digestive and carminative properties, making it a common ingredient in traditional remedies. Moreover, shahi jeera’s presence in Indian folklore and traditional practices reflects its deep-rooted cultural importance.

FAQs about “Caraway Seed” in Hindi:

What is the literal translation of “शाही जीरा”?

The term “शाही जीरा” translates to “royal cumin” in English, highlighting its esteemed status.

How does shahi jeera differ from regular cumin seeds?

While both shahi jeera and regular cumin belong to the same botanical family, their flavors vary. Shahi jeera has a milder, sweeter, and slightly floral taste compared to the sharper taste of regular cumin.

Is shahi jeera used only in savory dishes?

No, shahi jeera’s unique flavor can also be found in some Indian sweets and desserts, where it adds a subtle richness to the confections.

Can shahi jeera be used as a substitute for regular cumin?

While they have distinct flavors, shahi jeera can be used as a substitute for regular cumin in some dishes if you’re looking to experiment with flavors.

Are there any health benefits associated with shahi jeera?

Yes, shahi jeera is believed to aid digestion and possess antioxidant properties. However, it’s important to consume it in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

How can I incorporate shahi jeera into my cooking?

You can add shahi jeera to your dishes either by tempering it in hot oil at the beginning of cooking or by including it in spice blends and marinades.

Is Jeera or Zeera same thing?

Yes, Jeera or Zeera or Cumin are same thing. They’re also known as Caraway Seeds.


Learning how to say “caraway seed” in Hindi opens up a world of culinary and cultural insights. Shahi jeera’s role in Indian cuisine and traditional practices showcases its significance beyond being a mere spice.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or someone looking to explore different flavors, shahi jeera is sure to leave an indelible mark on your culinary journey.

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