5 Best Summer Vegetables (2024)

The warm summer months are prime time for a bounty of fresh, tasty vegetables. Farmers markets and backyard gardens overflow with colorful, nutrient-packed produce. Take advantage of these seasonal gems to add delicious variety to your meals.

Here are some of the best summer vegetables to enjoy:

1. Tomatoes

The quintessential summer crop, tomatoes come in a rainbow of hues and flavors. Sliced tomatoes are perfect on salads and sandwiches, while cherry and grape tomatoes make ideal healthy snacks. Try heirloom varieties for an old-fashioned tomato taste. Just be sure to let them ripen on the vine for maximum sweetness.

2. Sweet Corn

Is there anything better than perfectly steamed and buttered sweet corn on the cob? The sweetness of fresh-picked corn can’t be beat during summer. Look for plump, brightly colored ears with green stems and silk. Cook and eat it the same day for optimum flavor.

3. Zucchini

Prolific zucchini plants yield abundant squash all season long. Sauté thin slices with olive oil and herbs for a quick side. Shred zucchini into muffins and breads, or spiralize it into healthy “pasta.” The possibilities are endless with this versatile summer veggie.

4. Green Beans

Snap or string beans retain their crispy texture when quickly cooked. Toss them into salads, sauté with garlic and olive oil, or mix them into fresh summer pasta dishes. Green beans even lend themselves well to quick pickling.

5. Peppers

Choose from sweet bell peppers, spicy chile peppers, or something in between. Red, yellow, orange, and green peppers are high in vitamins and low in calories. Grill colorful pepper slices and add them to kabobs, pizza, and stir-fries.

With so many options, it’s easy to get your fill of tasty, nutrient-dense vegetables this summer. Shop at local farmers markets and farms, or even grow your own. With fresh summer produce, delicious healthy meals are just minutes away.

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